Twice The Spice Caterers  - Personal Chef Services
Omelet Station w/ Chef Steph G. @ Overbrook Learning Center in Philadelphia, PA
Coffee and Juice Station @ Overbrook Learning Center in Philadelphia,PA

"Breakfast Buffets"

You have the option to include  premium plastic plates, bowls, utensils, cups and paper napkins.
We also apply china and glassware for an additional fee.
Chicken and Waffle Station @ Overbrook Learning Center in Philadelphia, PACondiments may include, butter, assortment of jelly, maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, raw sugar, cream, half & half, milk, almond milk, rice milk, salt, pepper, steak sauce, ketchup, tabasco or hot sauce.

Table side service is available upon your request for an additional fee.
If you don't see it below please request it.

Fill out the contact form and our event specialist will contact you shortly. If your event is within 2 weeks please call.

Healthy Breakfast Fruit Parfait
"Chilled Quickie"
Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits
Chilled Orange Juice
Hot Coffee 
add Cereal & Milk
add Lox Platter w/ 
Bagels, Cream Cheese, Capers, Onion, Tomato & Kosher Pickles

Breakfast Smoked Salmon on Bagel" Smoked Salmon Platter "
Smoked Salmon
Bagel Assortment
Cream Cheese
Kosher Pickles
Fresh Dill
add Bottled Juice
choice of orange, apple, grapefruit, cranberry or v-8 
add coffee
add bottled water
Breakfast French Toast"Hot Buffet Breakfast 1"
Breakfast Omelette made to order by Chef Steph G.French Toast w/ Syrup, Powder Sugar
Scramble Eggs
Bacon or Sausage
beef or turkey
Fresh Fruit
in season
Chilled Orange Juice
Fresh Brewed Coffee & Tea {optional}

Omelets & fresh eggs to
order addittional
"Hot Breakfast Buffet 2"
Breakfast Pancakes w/ Banana Fosters"Whole Grain or Butermilk Pancakes"
 w/ banana fosters or fruit
Toast / whole grain bread
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Fresh Scramble Eggs
Bacon / Beef or Turkey
(no nitrate available for an additional fee)
Sausage / Turkey or Chicken Apple
Fresh Fruit / in season
Chilled Juice
Orange Juice, Apple, Grapefruit,Tomato, Cranberry or Milk
Fresh Brewed Coffee,Tea & Hot Chocolate

add Oatmeal additional
add Omelets additional
"Hot Breakfast Buffet #3"
Breakfast Yummy Waffles w/ Beef Bacon"Whole Grain or Buttermilk Waffles"
w/ sauteed fresh apples or fruit
Waffles w/ maple syrup or agave
made to order
Omelets & fresh eggs
made to order
Oven Roasted Potatoes

*Choose 2 meats*
Bacon / beef or turkey
Sausage / turkey, chicken apple or beef
Salmon Cakes

Fresh fruit / in season
Toast / whole grain 
choice of  orange, grapefruit, apple, cranberry or v-8 
Fresh Brewed Coffee
 Fish & Grits 
"Southern Hot Buffet #4"
Fish / fried
Cheesy Grits
Omelets & fresh eggs 
made to order
Butter Milk Biscuits w/
Sausage & Gravy
Fried Okra
Chilled Orange Juice
Hot Coffee,Tea & Hot Chocolate
"Steak -n- Eggs"
Men can cook II Steak & PotatoesGrilled Steak w/
sauteed onion & mushrooms
Roasted Potatoes
Omelets & Fresh Eggs 
made to order
Buttermilk Biscuits w/ butter & jams
Fresh Fruit
in season
Orange Juice
Fresh Brewed Coffee & Tea

 add Grilled Salmon additional

"Vegetarian Buffet"

Veggie Sausage / Tofu or Wheat Meat
Egg White Omelets & fresh eggs to order
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Fresh Fruit
in season
Greek Yogurt
w/ granola
Whole Grain Toast w/ soy butter, almond butter & jams
Orange Juice
Fresh Brewed Coffee & Green Tea