Twice The Spice Caterers  - Personal Chef Services

Corporate Catering
Morning / Noon / Night
Every company is unique in own way. At Twice The Spice we personalize your menu to fit the needs of your company.
Whether the owner, treating your staff to a fun day of r&r in a picnic setting or,
To build morale and team participation, try our Banquet & Awards Ceremony Package.
How about rewarding your high achievers with our gift certificate for an "Intimate Dinner for 2" in the privacy of their home prepared by our "Personal Chef " 
When your at your weekly meetings or quarterly reports, and time is limited, Twice The Spice has 
" Heart Healthy" Boxed Meals to fuel your brain and body. 
To top it off you don't have to leave the office.
At Twice The Spice Caterers we pride our
self in using only quality ingredients.
Serving the Greater Philadelphia & surrounding areas  including Delaware, New Jersey
& Maryland
Call our Event Specialist today.
Corporate Gourmet Box Lunches
All prices are per person and subject to change.    
Fill out the contact form to the right and our event specialist will contact you shortly. If your event is under 2 weeks please call the office.
"Continental Boxed Breakfast" 
{choice of}
large muffin
large danish
whole fresh seasonal fruit
{choice of beverage}
bottle water, orange juice apple or v-8

mineral water additional
all natural naked juice  or energy drink  additional
coffee additional
"Boxed Breakfast"
                                                       includes sandwich,
 muffin or fruit & beverage
Breakfast Burritos
{ choice of }
 Plain, Whole Grain, Spinach or Roasted Red Peppers 
stuffed with
home fries

                                                                         w/ cheese  
{ w/ choice of meat }  
turkey hot sausage  
 beef sage sausage 
chicken apple sausage
 turkey ham  
turkey bacon
 { beef bacon for additional}

Croissant Sandwich
filled with
egg white

w/ cheese 
{ w/ choice of meat } 
turkey sausage 
beef sage sausage 
apple chicken sausage  
turkey ham
turkey bacon
beef bacon for additional 
{ choice of fresh fruit }
apple, orange, pear or banana
{ choice of beverage included}
bottle water, orange juice, juice, apple juice, or v-8 
additional add ons
all natural naked juice
energy drink additional
Gourmet Turkey Sandwich / Lunch
"Boxed Lunch"
include ,  beverage, snack dessert or fresh fruit
Deli Sandwich
choice of wrap, whole grain bread, rye bread or kaiser roll
Meats & Cheeses
{ choice off }
Turkey Breast w/ Cheddar
    Corn Beef Special
  Roast Beef  w/ Havarti 
  Chicken Salad
   Salmon Salad
{ choice off spreads }
mayo, stone ground mustard, dijon, mayo or herb aioli
{ choice off  fresh toppings }
romaine, sweet onions, tomato   
w/ pickles or 
banana peppers
{ choice of }
potato chips, corn chips, pretzels 
 veggie chips additional  
{ choice of }
seasonal fresh fruit
apple, orange, plum, banana or pear
brownie or cookie
  chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin 
additional for
(energy bars)
{ choice of beverage included }
bottled water, can soda or ice tea
mineral water additional
all natural naked juice 
energy drink
Lite Lunch Break 
{ Caesar Salad }
crisp romaine
caesar dressing
chicken breast
crusty baguette 
butter pats
{ }
cannoli's, brownie or cookie
{ choice of beverage }
bottle water, can soda or ice tea
additional add ons
mineral water
 all natural naked juice additional
energy drink
Corporate Meeting Brain Food
Rejuvenation Break
energy bar
energy drink
bag of veggie chips
fresh fruit
A Taste of Philly
"Break-room Snack"

philly soft pretzel
trail mix
{ choice of beverage }
bottled water, can soda or tea

additional add ons
mineral water
naked juice
energy drink
"Lunch / Dinner"
Philly Cheese Steaks
w/ condiments


Turkey w/ Munster 
Roast Beef w/ Cheddar
Corn Beef w/ Swiss
Turkey Ham w/ Havarti Cheese
Chef Steph G's Special

Choice of
cooked w/ peanut oil

Choice of
Cole Slaw
Pasta Salad
Cucumber Salad

Tasty Kakes

Italian Water Ice

                                                                       Grab & Go
*sandwich tray*
Kaisers, Wraps or Whole Grain Bread
{choice of flavored tortilla}
plain, spinach, or whole grain
choice of meats low salt turkey, turkey, turkey ham, 
beef salami, roast beef, corn beef
chicken salad
salmon salad
choice of cheese
swiss,  provolone, or cheddar
crispy romaine lettuce
sliced tomato
thinly sliced sweet onion
sliced pickle spears
banana peppers
stone ground mustard
chipotle aioli
 Pasta Salad or Potato Salad
w/ cookie or brownie
bottled water, can soda or ice tea
Lite Lunch Break
 *chilled buffet*
{ Caesar Salad }
crisp romaine
 caesar dressing
grilled chicken breast
grilled shrimp
crusty baguette w/herb oil
{ }
or fruit tart
{ choice of beverage }
bottle water, can soda or ice tea

w/ Soup
additional add ons
mineral water
energy drink or

Choose 4 Salad
Potato, Pasta, Orzo or Bean
Garden, Spinach, Kale or Caesar
Fruit Salad 
Macaroni & Salmon, Couscous
Chicken, Salmon, Tuna or Seafood
sliced french baguettes
pita's or tortillas

Brownie / Cookie Tray
Triple Layer Chocolate Cake
Lite Lunch Break
*hot buffet*
Grilled Salmon or Mediterranean Grilled Breast
Mediterranean Couscous or Rice Pilaf
Sautéed Broccoli  or Herb Green Beans or Grilled Asparagus
Choice of Salad
Whole Grain French Baguette
Dinner Rolls
w/ herb oil

Fresh Fruit, Cookies, Brownies
or Layer Cake
"Budget Meal Deal

Primavera Alfredo
Caesar Salad
Dinner Rolls w/ butter pats
Cookie Tray
w/ veggies
w/ chicken  
w/ shrimp
Chicken Marsala
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Sauteed Green Beans
Garden Salad
Dinner Rolls w/ butter pats


"Caribbean Meal Deal"

Jerk Chicken 
Curry Chicken
Red Beans & Rice
Sautéed Cabbage Medley or Cole  Slaw
Sautéed Plantain
Fruit Bread


"Picnic Meal Deal"

Fried & Rotisserie Chicken
Potato Salad
Corn on the Cobb
BBQ Veggie Beans
Corn Bread

w/ BBQ Shredded Beef Sandwiches

w/ BBQ Beef Ribs
Cole Slaw

{ choice of beverage included in all packages}
bottle water, can soda or ice tea
additional add ons
 mineral water
all natural naked juice 
ice tea
energy juice


The Board Room

Gourmet Chilled Corporate Lun
Choose “2-3” Gourmet Sandwiches " warm & cold"
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap

Asian Chicken Wrap

Grilled Chicken Breast w/ Havarti Cheese & Roasted Red Peppers
Salmon w/ Pineapple Habanero Glaze or Chipotle Aioli
Skirt Steak w/ Caramelized Onions & Gorgonzola Cheese

Vegan Wrap

Choose "2" Salads

Fresh Fruit Salad,  Cucumber Salad, Carrot Salad, Couscous Salad,       Macaroni Salmon Salad,  Orzo Salad, Pasta & Veggie Salad
Sweet Kale & Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad w/ dried cranberry, pumpkin seeds
Baby Greens w/ roasted tomato, cucumbers, feta cheese & homemade croutons 

Choose "1-2" Fresh Made Dressings

Dressings {dressings made w/ extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil}
lemon poppy seed dressing, orange agave vinaigrette,  pomegranate vinaigrette
fresh herb vinaigrette,  balsamic & olive oil

Snack Chips
Sun Chips
Veggie Chips

of Mini Desserts
Herbal Tea, OJ, Cranberry Juice, Naked Juice
Bottle Water & Mineral Water  

  set-up & breakdown 18% service fee

                   includes serving equipment, premium plastic plates, utensils, cups and paper napkins

The Boardroom
"Healthy Infused Hot Buffet"

Entrée Choose 2
                                              Mediterranean Salmon
                                               Grilled Chicken Breast

Entree's to choose from upon request
Choose 1
Faro Pilaf
Red & Wild Rice Pilaf
Rainbow Basmati Rice
Trio of gourmet Herb Roast Potatoes
Roasted Root Veggies
Sweet Potatoes

Choose 1
Roasted Asparagus w/ Roasted Tomatoes
Sautéed Herb Green Beans
Roasted Cauliflower & Brocolli Medley
Grilled Zucchini, Mushrooms & Sundried Tomatoes

Choose 1 Salads
Baby w/ roasted tomato, cucumbers, feta cheese & homemade croutons 
Caesar Salad
Garden Salad
Kale Salad
Spinach Salad
Orzo Salad

Choose "1-2" Fresh Made Dressings
pomegranate vinaigrette
blue cheese
Optional  Dessert Minis or Fresh Fruit 

Optional Beverages