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Healthy Infused Life-Style Program
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Firs Lady Michelle Obama Lets Move
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of  Seasonal Organically Grown Veggies, Fruit & Herbs!!!

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    Proceeds go to teen enviornmental programs. Gives you the opportunity to participate in events, learn about healthier food choices,  food trends, community initiatives, seed bank and how to start your own urban garden.

Healthy Infused Life-Style Program was established to follow the path of our First Lady Michelle Obama Let’s Move! Is a comprehensive initiative, dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation? 

Chef Steph G. Growing Food Organically
Through partnerships our team offers physical activities, cooking demonstrations and hands-on workshops, seminars in healthier food choices, agriculture and sustainability. This is geared towards tweens, teens, parents and guardians in communities that have been economically left behind.

As an added benefit and to assist in a Healthier America I started farming in 2014 in Delaware, where I grow fruit, veggies and herbs organically.

Healthy Infused Life Style Program

It’s a win-win because homeless shelters benefit from our donations, the communities benefits from getting $50 in free produce, my clients benefits from enjoying seasonal produce grown organically and I benefit because I love sowing seed and the harvest is a blessing in itself. When you taste your food of the vine, it’s nothing like produce in the market. They put so much unnecessary crap in food, even some fresh produce.  So I pride myself in buying organic and heirloom seed and growing our food pesticide free. We are always in need of partnerships, volunteersand funding. Let’s all join in for a Healthier America and a Healthier You.

Twice The Spice Caterers Healthy Infused Teen Cooking Club w/ Chef Stephanie guidry
For more information about the Healthy Infused Life-Style Program and to contact Chef Stephanie Guidry or Twice The Spice Caterers call 302.722.7108

First Lady Michelle Obama Let's Move

Healthy Infused Life Style Program

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Serving The Greater Philadelphia, Delaware, South New Jersey & North Maryland
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