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Healthy Infused Comfort Food

Summer Time

This Is Not Chef Boyardee Ravioli

Appetizer Ravioli StackOK I'm going there, yes carbs, I love them. I'm sure you do too...
I know you here this all the time moderation, everything in moderation...
Oh so true, that's why it's a good ideal to incorporate whole grains into your diet... You can find some great pre-made whole grain ravioli in the markets today... Take a day and explore @ some of your neighborhood markets, don't forget the farmers market... If you know anything about me
"I Love The Farmers Market" They range in size and the product they sell, but you'll be amazed @ some of the specialty items you'll find.

"Easy Breezy" All Natural Mango Sorbet "Diabetic Freindly"

Homemade Mango Sorbet ingredients on Blog Healthy Infused Comfort FoodAfter making this Tasty Treat, you'll wonder what took you so long!
"Mango Sorbet" "you can make this diabetic friendly by using agave nector"

Equipment - Ice Cream Machine {place insert in freezer the night before}, Mesh Strainer, Rubber Spatula, Bowl, Measuring Cup, Fork, Knife, Plastic Resealable Container & Small Sauce Pan

Homemade Mango Sorbet ingredients on Blog Healthy Infused Comfort Food

Homemade Mango Sorbet ingredients on Blog Healthy Infused Comfort Food
Homemade Mango Sorbet ingredients on Blog Healthy Infused Comfort Food

1/2-3/4 cup of agave nectar or sugar + 1/2 cup of water to sauce pan over low heat, stir with spatula, while heating thru {until disolved}...

3 very ripe mangoes - wash, dry, cut the long way, take out seed & scope flesh in strainer over bowl, smash mango with spatula thru strainer.

Take Out Food "U" Can Make @ Home

Ethnic Cuisine from around the world including my favorite Veggie Egg Fu Yung w/ Red Thai RiceOne of my favorite's
    "Egg Foo Young"
I love egg foo young, but I rarely eat it because of certain ingredients that are used to enhance the flavor, like MSG (monosodium glutamate) which has been controversial for a long time know and has been added to oriental cuisine in just about every Oriental Take Out Restaurant in the US. So I choose to not eat it, since some people have had bad reactions, after eating high doses in their food.
So what do you do about it? You learn to cook it.


Grilling made easy, indoors. Visit our Blog for recipe tips."IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR"

You don't need a Bbq Pit to grill. Buy yourself a stove toppeppert iron griddle. (you can buy them @ just about any department store / $29 on up. Open your windows, unless you have a high powered exhaust. Coat your griddle with a little oil, crank up the heat & look forward to a flavorful juicy burger.

  • 1lb ground beef . (take out fridge 30 mins. In advance)
  • season with a little salt & pepper 
  • add a few drops of water
  • split in 8 balls, flatten
  • toast 8 slider buns (coated with a little butter)

"Quick & Easy Mothers Day Treat"

Mothers Day Treat of Brownie Tropical / Recipe on our Blog
Mothers Day is Celebrated around the world. 
To make your Mom a quick & easy treat,
  1. buy the most moist chocolate brownie, cake or pate & cut into bite size squares
  2. buy some whip cream
  3. buy a fresh ripe mango (cut into tiny cubes)
  4. get out a fabulous bowl
  5. fill with cake, top with mango than whip cream
  6. set the table with her favorite flower & holler Mom can you get this for me.
  7. when she walks into the room, she'll be filled with joy or you can serve it to her on a silver tray when she's least expected

Oriental Salad

 You Can Eat This Yummy Salad EveryDay
Oriental Salad Lunch time favorite
This super simple chopped salad will have you craving for more. You can enjoy this with just about anything or as a main course.
takes about 15 mins to prepare
Shred you Cabbage & Carrot.
Slice some Scallion thinly
toast your favorite Seeds
Tear a few pcs of Cilantro
Top with your favorite Oriental Dressing
And enjoy this cripy fresh delight.

A Little Steak & Potatoes

Juicy Grilled Steak & Potatoes
Steak & Potatoes for your next breakfast buffet

Women can grill too. 
Try this easy "entree" for your significant other, or treat yourself.

  1. Buy your favorite cut of steak at least 1inch thick
  2. Season with some montreal steak seasoning, place in ziploc bag, marinate over night
  3. Take steak out fridge
  4. Scrub & rinse your favorite potato
  5. Bake in oven until tender
  6. Rinse & Slice 1 small onion
  7. Wipe clean with damp paper towel 3 crimini & 3 shitake mushrooms (slice)
  8. Light your grill, when charcoals are gray about 20 mins

Refreshing 1st Course "Gazpacho"

Blog Tomato Gazpacho
Cool & Refreshing Summer Treat...
Quick & Easy
"Heart Healthy"
1st couse
Plum Tomatoes
(peeled & chopped)
(seeded & chopped)
(red, green, orange or yellow)
Vidalia Onion
(peeled & chopped)
Lemon Juice
(fresh squeezed)
Sea Salt
 (kosher or hymalayan)
Dr Braggs Apple Cider Vineger
(extra virgin olive oil or grape seed)
 (for garnish & a bit of crunch)