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Feed your children with nutritious and delicious meals made fresh and clean!


Healthy Infused Lifestyle Lunch Program

To help deal with our country’s obesity problems, we at Twice The Spice Caterers in Newark, Delaware have started a program for school children. We have created nutritious and delicious meals made using farm-grown ingredients when in season. 

Our chefs follow our fresh and flavorful guidelines by using zero trans-fat, good oils, minimum pink sea salt, agave nectar, honey, herbs, whole grains, and other ingredients that follow the nutritional guidelines.

Grilled Cheese

School Lunch Program

Whole Grain Grilled Cheese w/ Fruit & Veggies

5 Days a Week Monthly Meal Plan

20 days per month

Kiddie Hot Lunch

School lunch Program

Cheesy Mac, Broccoli, Fruit, Whole Grain Bread

4 Days Weekly Monthly Meal Plan

16 days per month

Spaghetti w/ turkey meatballs and Green Beans

School Lunch Program

Spaghetti w/ Turkey Meatballs, Green Beans, Seedless Grapes

3 Days Week Monthly Meal Plan

12 meals per month

Kiddie Lite Lunch

School Lunch Program

Grilled Chicken Garden Salad w/ Fruit, Crackers

2 Days a Week Monthly Meal Plan

8 meals per month

Kiddie Hot Lunch

School Lunch Program

Turkey Shepards Pie w/ Sweet Peas, Fruit, Whole Grain Bread

1 Day a Week Monthly Meal Plan

4 meals per month

Inquiry Form

Choose your Healthy Infused Life-Style Monthly Meal Plan... You have the option to change your meal plan once a month at the beginning of the billing cycle, which is 2 weeks before the month begins.

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Holidays Closed

Dec 31st New Years Eve

Jan. 1st New Years Day

Mon. Martin Luther King Day

Mon. Memorial Day

Mon. Labor Day

November Thurs. & Fri. Thanksgiving

Dec 24th & 25th Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

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