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Through our programs, many people who are homeless, live in desert areas and affected by natural disasters are fed, and with your support many more.

The Hugging Initiative, INC.

This philanthropic arm of Award Wining, Executive Chef Stephanie Guidry was form to assist people that are experiencing, homelessness, natural disasters and financial hardship. To increase a supply of fresh foods and prepared food with clean ingredients to communities in desert areas. For more details and to partner with The Hugging Initiative, Inc. please contact us with your inquiry.

Image by Jeff Siepman
Image by John Fornander
Master Urban Farmer Executive Chef Stephanie Guidry

Urban Farming w/ Chef Stephanie Guidry

Above Ground Gardening Instructor


Connect with Chef Steph G., if you or your organization is interested in learning how to grow your own food!

Meet Award Wining Executive Chef Stephanie Guidry, Expert Urban Farmer for over 8 years!

Executive Chef Stephanie Guidry Philanthropic Arm "The Hugging Initiative, Inc."


Urban Farming With Chef Steph G.

The Hugging Initiative, Inc. Inquiry Form 


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Thank you for inquiring about our CSR, The Hugging Initiative, Inc.  Complete all fields and be as specific as possible. Whether volunteering for our culinary department, urban farming or financial literacy programs  your contribution will help people in need. If you would like to partner with The Hugging Initiative, Inc. please include your contact information. If you are inquiry on the behalf of a company, corporation, organization or associations please add the appropriate information. We will respond to your inquiry in a timely fashion.

Warm Regards,

Executive Chef Stephanie Guidry, Founder

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